NAWIC has a variety of educational opportunities available to it's members.   We are committed to professional development and education by offering workshops, podcasts, leadership opportunities, discounts towards continuing education, regional and national conferences and trade expos.  





NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF)


NAWIC's commitment to education can be seen in a variety of areas. For more than 25 years, the NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF) has offered creative and educational programs for students from grade school to high school. The Foundation's award-winning BLOCK KIDS program, Building Design program and  CAD/Design/Drafting competitions introduce students to careers and opportunities in construction. 



Construction is the largest industry in the United States, employing more people than any other single industry.  Over the past two decades, the Construction Industry has experienced many technological advances, which have resulted in more cost-effective construction.  The introduction of the new technologies created a need for the development of construction education and training programs to help up-grade the skills and knowledge of these employed in the industry.

CIT - The Construction Industry Technician Program which incorporated the latest changes in the Industry, represents an overview of the construction industry and its processes.  Lessons to be covered include such subjects as type of construction, forms of business ownership, contractual arrangements, contract documents, and the construction process.

 CBT - Certified Bookkeeping Technician

This certification course will teach participants how to set up and operate a simple bookkeeping system for a construction company and work in both simple and complex bookkeeping systems as either a bookkeeper or under a bookkeeper in one part of the system.  Whether you aspire to be an accounts payable clerk or a full charge bookkeeper, you will understand how to perform your job by learning about the whole system of bookkeeping.

Construction Document Specialist

 s offered in two separate study guides and exams.  CDS Book one covers interpreting information conveyed from the architect/engineer to the contractor by way of a legal document and with implementing that fundamental understanding.  It discusses the many components of the legal agreement that binds the parties in a construction project: working drawings, specifications, and contract requirements of the Project Manual. 

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